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Buyer for outer space applications know-how needed

Description: Triaxial Induction Magnetic Field Sensor (know-how for outer space applications)

An object of the present project provide an improvement in search-coil type receiving antennas. It is a further object of the present project to provide lightweight metallic glass antenna for detecting AC magnetic fields both generated by natural- and man-made sources including outer space wave activity (signals). The antenna has an improved effective height characteristic in the frequency range below and above 10 kHz.
A lightweight search-coil antenna or sensor assembly for detecting magnetic fields and including a multi-turn electromagnetic induction coil wound on a spool type coil form through which is inserted an elongated coil loading member comprised of metallic glass material stripes wrapped around a dielectrical rod which should be deleted or form a laminated core. The stripes have a special shape which allows the reduction of eddy currents twice. This leads to rising the sensor’s sensitivity to the same degree. The maiden core has a length which is relatively larger than its thickness, so as to provide a large length-to-diameter ratio for its considerable relative permeability. Electrical circuit of the sensor is adapted for exploitation in the outer space conditions with its exposures.
A tri-axial configuration includes a triangle base on which is located three substantially identical mutually orthogonal electromagnetic induction coil assemblies of the type described above, wherein each of the assemblies include an electromagnetic coil wound on a dielectric spool with an elongated metallic glass coil or laminated core loading member projecting therethrough. The mechanical design of the base enables it to endure all the g-loads during starting.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Buyer for Magnetic Field Sensor know-how for outer space applications needed.
I want to sell this know-how for 1.3 mln Euro.
Author: ibocumo from Ukraine 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 17 October 2008
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2706
Business Sector: aerospace Image: induction magnetic field sensor
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