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Tomato Processing Plant in Nigeria need partners

Description: We have attached herewith a comprehensive presentation of a business idea that been incubating since I contested a Senatorial seat in Nigeria's National Assembly elections in 2003. It was during the election campaigns that the idea of a Tomato Processing Plant was sown, because of the wastage I saw and the awesome opportunity I envision. Nigeria is privatizing and liberalizing. Major airports are being conceded to private operators and major hotels are being built to take care of influx of visitors to this great emerging market. The Hotels and conceded Airports (Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt) will be our customers as well as the entire Nigerian market and the West African Sub Region.

No single Tomato Processing Plant in Nigeria today, and rice, garri, fish and tomato paste are the staple food of over 140million people. Every household eats tomato daily. Tomato’s are grown in large quantities in Gombe and the North Eastern Region of Nigeria, but the post harvest loses are colossal because of lack of Processing mechanism. An agro allied industry like Tomato Processing will therefore serve the downstream requirement of Airlines, Major Hotels, Railways and the general public. We have had meetings with some major Hotels in Abuja and some Airline catering companies. At present every single tomato paste in Nigeria is imported.

Consultants have just been engaged to provide a detail business plan / feasibility study, which will provide an estimate of the starting cost. But we have already expended lot of resources and time. We have met with local farmers who know the ABC of tomato cultivation in order to form a corporative union and to provide them with improved seedlings for increased output. We also have acquired large hectares of land for the Processing Plant and administrative buildings for the project. I can navigate both legal and political terrain of the State. It’s also cheering that Northern Nigerian State Governments have awaken to imperatives of developing its agro allied industrial potentials.

As the promoter of this project, I was invited to attend 8th World Processing Tomato Congress and 11th Symposium on Processing Tomato in Canada, from June 8th -11th, 2008 as an observer, with a view to Nigeria joining the organization. The WPTC is only open to Tomato Processors and / or grower organizations representing the industry in their Country. We do not have such association in Nigeria, hence the observer status; but it was an ideal opportunity to meet people in the industry and start the association in Nigeria. I was not able to attend the Congress because of circumstances beyond my control. Nevertheless an avenue for future interaction has been opened. Please read the attached detailed business presentation. I believe the potentials are terrific! I am ready to commit everything for this project, assets and equity.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
What we need are Joint Venture Partners with global cultural attitude who willing to invest in order to harness these awesome potentials. There is absolutely no doubt that a private driven Tomato Processing Plant in Gombe State, North East Nigeria, with expertise management, will be money spinner for any investor. Nigeria is undoubtly a challenging business environment, but the potential rewards are high. Make no mistake about it?
Author: itapawy from Nigeria  Posting reviewed by: 4067 users
Country of business: Nigeria  Published on: 13 November 2008 history
Last modification on 19 November 2008
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2722
Business Sector: agriculture Image: Not available
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Need farmer group or companies to grow tomato $5 per kg

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