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Personalized health, utility and shopping company in India

Description: The company is one of India's largest business conglomerates with an asset base of over USD 10.87 billion. With a workforce of over 910,000 workers, it has a consumer base of nearly 90 million and 1707 offices across the country offers latest business opportunity in India

The company provides following services:-
1). Health Care, Utility, Personalizes & Shopping Services
2). Vacation Voucher for seven nights and eight days in 4000 + resorts across 45 countries
3). The member and his family are covered by Mediclaim cover for Rs. 200,000/-
(Covers pre (upto30days) & post (upto 60days) Hospitalization expenses)
4). Enjoy cashless hospitalization in more the 2500 network hospital across India
5). Maternity benefit up to Rs15000/-
6). Policy covers each family member as defined above against accidental death for Rs. 1,00,000 only
7). Policy will cover the household of the purchaser against burglary, fire and earthquake etc for Rs. 1,50,000/-
8). Get 25% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed in our Unique stores.
9). Get 10% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed on our Care House Website.

. First of all you need to realize that setting big goals on the onset is not something that would keep you motivated. In the beginning you must start with short-term goals. When you achieve these goals one by one then your confidence would increase and as you progress step by step you would be slowly moving towards the bigger goals.

· Believe in whatever you are selling or promoting. This is an essential ingredient of success. If you are able to believe yourself upon whatever you stand for then it becomes easier to make the other person understand the same.

· Be persistent in your efforts, to persuade other people into buying your products or opting for the services that you are promoting. Believe in the power of persistent diligent efforts, they do pay off in the end.

· You must not be dissuaded by anything that comes in between and stay focused upon your goal. Think; what is the basic idea? How you want to convey it? Who are the audience? What all you need to include in your presentation that would influence the audience? Resolving all these would help you package and market your idea.

· Visualize your presentation in your mind and think up of possible queries and problems that might arise. This way you would be able to prepare yourself for what is about to come. Through this technique of visualization you would be good at problem solving and almost half way to success path.

· Organize your work in a good manner as it helps in exuding a positive image. You need to be disciplined and have good organization skills to project the right idea in the right manner to people.

· Understanding the motivating factor is one more important step towards achieving success with MLM. You need to realize what motivates people, so that you would motivate your down-line members and other people into joining the MLM.

Its your turn to get the key to your dreams…and life time of happiness… and be part of a select few to know the secret. Move on us with the revolution & experience the ultimate opportunity.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
We are looking for new customers and members.
Author: kogepuf from India 
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Posting reviewed by: 220 users
Country of business: India  Published on: 30 January 2009
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2785
Business Sector: networking Image: health, utility and shopping services
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