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Water Walking Ball amusement business in the USA

Description: Our company is located in Myrtle Beach SC. We were the first to open Water Walking Ball amusement business in the USA. And in dispute of all emerge difficulties we had a stunning success in 2008. Water attraction is the main domain in our business, but in 2009 we are starting services not only for individuals but also for businesses.
Water Walking Ball is a new kind of attractions that got a fast wide development in China, Europe, Middle Asia and finally came to America. This attraction enjoys wide popularity among both kids and adults. And there’s a bunch of fun not only for the riders but for watchers too – you can hear everybody laughing. If you want to attract people’s attention, make a crowd at a place, do a show or just entertain people. Water Walking Ball is the best you can do!

We learned that from running our own business. You can make certain yourself visiting us at “Broadway at the Beach”, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Based on our own experience we can assure you that this business doesn’t need heavy investments and is characterized by high recoupment.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
So if you are interested in this idea and ready to start your own business with Water Walking Ball or would like to provide us a place where we can run our own, we are at your service and ready for cooperation.

Services we provide:

1. If you want to run your own business:
- Help in choosing the right place
- Providing all the necessary supplies
- Teaching the personnel and work arrangements
- Help in getting all the necessary documents for running this business
- All the tips for successful “Water Walking Ball”- business

2. We also are waiting for suggestions from businesses, parks, resorts on water and others who are ready to provide us a spot to run the Water Walking Ball business.
Author: ebiwivy from United States  Posting reviewed by: 2046 users
Country of business: United States  Published on: 05 March 2009
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2857
Business Sector: entertainment Image: water walking ball
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