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Software development office / branch in Egypt

Description: Software development office / branch in Egypt

Why you need to open new Software development office / branch in Egypt for your company?
The main purpose of this business deal or business opportunity offer is to reduce the software development cost by more that 80% taking in mind the other factors such as quality and time.
The offer opportunity target is to setup a low cost development team with high quality capabilities to save more than half million dollar a year.

Executive Summary:
These days any company is using software or a software application, whether it develops and sell this software ( software house ) or it has its own software development for its internal use ( doesn't sell it ), or purchase software and do a customization for its own operations.
If you have a software development team or you want to expand or establish a team this mean that you the right one to read this proposal.

Economic Analysis:
Since the major cost element in software development is the worker's salary, so I want to introduce the following:
The economic analysis done for cost of cost software development demonstrates that the development cost is relatively high but it is also essential for the company to move forward efficiently.
The market direction is to do outsourcing, making the software at cheaper countries such as India and Egypt.
The following figure demonstrate the comparison for the average salaries for software development team members in countries US,UK and Egypt.

Target Companies
Mainly US companies but any Country (UK, Australia, Canada) use English as main communication language are welcome.
There is also an additional opportunity to get in Egyptian or even Middle East markets.
My offer is to help each other to setup a regional office for you company to meet the target of cost reduction.

More details about Financial Benefits, Financial Plan and Operation Plan in attached plan document.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
Looking for potential customer or partner.
Author: ybifavo from Egypt  Posting reviewed by: 369 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 26 April 2009 history
Last modification on 27 April 2009
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2944
Business Sector: IT Image: Not available
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