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Invest in expanding transportation company, Philippines

Description: We are a start-up asset-backed transportation business based in Cebu, Philippines. We are currently operational and revenue positive, but wish to expand our fleet.

We wish to structure a trust composed of 40 units of PhP125,000 per unit (approximately USD$2,500). Given the nature and return of our business, we can offer a ROI of 3% per month, for a fixed period of 20 months, and return principal in its entirety at the end of this period.

This is a 'pilot program', in that we would look to use the success of this venture to allow us to expand across the Philippines, into all major cities.
Need from others:
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The kind of investor who would be interested in this venture is one who looks for a high rate of return, paid in dividends monthly or quarterly depending on preference, and the added assurance of his/her capital being asset-backed and returned in full at the end of the period.

Whilst the initial investment is perhaps not significant, we need to demonstrate a successful track record in order to implement phase two of our plan, i.e. nationwide rollout.
Author: ruwafol from Philippines  Posting reviewed by: 366 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 09 May 2009 history
Last modification on 11 May 2009
Region of business: Australia world area Posting ID: 2959
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