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Featured Business IdeasIntegrated solar roof tiles

Business idea posting spotted and published by BUSINESS IDEAS Forum moderators

Description: Until recently generating electricity by solar energy meant covering a roof by ugly panels that were usually not seamlessly integrated into the roof surface.
USA based SRS Energy is one of the first companies that develops and manufactures solar roofing tiles designed to seamlessly integrate with traditional roofing products. The result is a stylish and simple solution for sustainable residential and commercial roofing that is undistinguishable from classical clay tiles.

The dark blue tiles, manufactured by SRS Energy, are jointly branded and distributed by US Tile and specifically designed to be compatible with the clay roof tiles manufactured by US Tile. Customers who purchase clay tiles will be given the option to upgrade a section of their roof to Solé Power Tiles. When installed, the system can offset a large proportion of a homeowner's energy costs—not to mention cleaning their carbon conscience. The system makes it easy for consumers to make a green choice, without having to settle for an unattractive product. There will be more tile styles and colours available making the product even more appealing to customers.

The tiles are made from a high-performance polymer that is lightweight, unbreakable and recyclable. Flexible solar technology by United Solar Ovonic is embedded inside each tile, allowing them to function independently of each other. The system performance is monitored remotely by SRS Energy and US Tile.

Sole Power Tile claims that they produce more energy that other building integrated photovoltaic solutions for the same system capacity. Higher rate of return, which in California ranges between 5-10 percent makes the monthly cost of an upgrade cheaper than monthly savings. The ROI calculations are based on pricing and eco incentives in California, US. So far more technical data like efficiency of electrical generation, real output in watt per tile for given light conditions are not available. This information would help to confirm ROI calculated for California as well as to estimate ROI for other countries as well.
It will be only matter of time when this kind of products will be available world wide allowing many small entrepreneurs and dealers be a part of the new business opportunity.

Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Posting reviewed by: 3550 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 24 September 2009
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3073
Business Sector: energy Image: Integrated solar roof tiles
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