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Hindi domain name for sale

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Description: The business idea is about selling our five websites and domain names (web addresses) worth $25 Million in 2010, or maybe a little longer, to an investor for $40,000. Our customers are one billion people In India who speak the Hindi language, the official language of India, and we can reach them without advertising by our domain names on the Internet when people type in our domain names to find websites we own. There are no competitors because we own the only dot com domain names for the words we registered. Our domain names are unique because they will bring in one billion new people to the Internet because our domain names are registered in the Hindi language and not the English language, therefore people in India can now access the Internet in their own language who do not speak English or speak very little English. The competitive edge is that we own the only domains available in the world for the words we registered. We don't need to promote our business because people will come to us when they want to find our website by typing in our domain names into the web browser. Our experience and knowledge in domain name industry means that we registered the valuable domain names and not the less valuable domain names when they were available to buy in 2008. We and domain names investors predict that they will be worth $25 million in total in less than 5 years, or even 2010. In 2010 a new Hindi domain name will be released that consists of all Hindi words, even the dot com ending will be replaced and that means it will be easier for a Hindi speaker to type in the domain name. They are called IDN.IDN domain names. IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Names. So there will be a Hindi domain name available in 2010. Since we already own the Hindi domain names i.e., we should automatically get the Hindi domain names before anyone else. There was an breaking news story on UK News TV in October 31 2009 and Zd Net, said that a new Hindi domain will be released in 2010 and this will be the biggest change to the Internet since its creation 40 years ago. These new Hindi domain names will bring in one billion new people to the Internet because people who don't speak English will now be able to search the Internet in Hindi language. India has one billion Hindi speakers therefore this will be an extremely valuable market to Internet marketers to sell these products and services too. That's why companies will pay millions of dollars to own these domain names.
Since we own the 2008 version of these Hindi domain names we should get the 2010 version of the domain names. That's how the Domain Name Industry works.

We are ready to show our websites and transfer ownership to a buyer via the Paypal or Escrow.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
An investor (s) to buy our five websites / domain names for $8,000 each or a total of $40,000.
Author: omenesa from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 3724 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 15 November 2009
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3114
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