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Featured Business IdeasNatural air purification system

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Description: Natural air purification system called Andrea utilizes living plant filtration to rapidly and efficiently remove airborne toxins. Andrea exploits and hastens the process of plant filtration with a whisper-quiet fan that draws air into the vessel, propels it through the leaves and root system and out through the water into the room.
This innovation enables much better de-pollution of indoor air than the ground-breaking tests done by NASA in the 1980s – the starting point for experiments by industrial designer Mathieu Lehanneur & Harvard professor David Edwards who created Andrea in 2007 and featured it in MoMA's critically-acclaimed exhibition, Design and the Elastic Mind.

Any kind of household plant can be used as the filtration agent, offering freedom to select the foliage that best suits the motif of any part of your home.
Curiously, the best-performing plants are quite common. They include Spathiphyllum (spath or peace lily), Dracaena marginata (rededged dragon tree), Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) and Aloe vera.

With an effective range of roughly 33 square meters, Andrea works for most any room in the home or office where the threat of stagnant air or noxious gases are a concern. Thanks to its altogether pleasing form and a base that mimics ceramic pottery, this 21st century device manages to look quite traditional—a bonus for those averse to the gadget aesthetics of Sharper Image products.

Based on experiments performed by RTP Labs, Andrea improves the efficiency of formaldehyde removal from the air relative to plants alone by 360%. Relative to HEPA and carbon filters, comparison between the RTP Labs data and literature data show an improvement in formaldehyde filtration efficiency of 4400%. These data confirm that while plants alone in an interior setting are more efficient than HEPA and carbon filters at removing toxic gases from the air, they are significantly less efficient than Andrea. Even more important, the rate of gas removal by Andrea is, according to the RTP Labs data, over 1000% faster than for plants alone. That is, Andrea dramatically accelerates the efficiency of air cleaning relative to plants alone.

Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Posting reviewed by: 1620 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 28 December 2009
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3142
Business Sector: household goods Image: natural air purification system
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