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Hydronic Radiator Agents Wanted

Description: All heating systems in USA is now going to change from steam heating systems to hot water central heating systems because of its cost efficient and low cost than the older systems.

We are one of the leading Hydronic Steel Panel Radiator manufacturers of Turkey and want to find some reliable agents to cooperate with us as our agents for sale of our products in US HVAC and heating market.

There are only 2 or 3 manufacturers in US market and they are not local manufacturers. So there is still a huge empty market for this kind of product in US.

Our main customers will be construction companies and of course building material suppliers and companies who work in HVAC and Heating field in US market.

Our products will be cheaper then the other few products, because they have no competitors that offer very expensive prices.

We are waiting the new beginners or even experienced persons or companies in HVAC and heating sector.
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Need Customers
We need new beginners or experienced HVAC and heating sector companies in US market.
Author: ekymagy from Turkey  Posting reviewed by: 327 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 28 June 2010
Region of business: North America world area Posting ID: 3300
Business Sector: construction Image: Not available
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