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Risk Assessment and Litigation Avoidance

Description: I am curious if new businesses, or existing business for that matter, would be interested in risk avoidance and litigation assessment services. This service would be offered to retail, service and manufacturing firms and would not be limited to premises security or regulatory compliance. The services would include assessments of HR and hiring procedures, inspecting locations and noting potential risks to employees, customers and third parties, and overall inspection of the business and its operations from a legal prospective. The services would be provided by an attorney, although the services would be limited to an independent assessment. Not at all interested in legally representing the customer, not interested in selling insurance or pre-paid legal services. I am convinced that small business owners know best how to deal with potential legal risks if they are presented to them in a non-alarming way. Report to be provided with potential risks detailed, similar instances where litigation has evolved and proposed solution. I would envision the site visit to take a day and a report (100 pages or so) to be presented in approximately 2 weeks. Cost would be less than what a business owner would pay a lawyer in a mid-size U.S. city for similar allotment of time.
Need from others: I need to know if this service seems appealing to small and middle size businesses.
Author: MLC from United States  Posting reviewed by: 235 users
Country of business: US Kentucky  Published on: 12 May 2003
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 351
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