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Hotel in Greece

Description: I would like to open a small 2 stars hotel in one of the Greek islands with 40-60 rooms. The hotel will provide a full internet service for the customers free of charge for the first day and for low fees following days on hour basis. None of the hotels has an Internet service and that is a big problem for the customers as they have to find an Internet café near by, which is not providing desirable privacy for the guests. I also want to create a new environment that will make the customers’ vacations more pleasant and it will create more benefits for the hotel.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I am looking for business partners who are willing to share the investment and property cost, which I estimate to be somewhere between 200.000$ and 400.000$.
Author: kimon from Greece 
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Country of business: Greece  Published on: 17 May 2003
Region of business: Greek islands Posting ID: 358
Business Sector: restaurants bars hotels Image: Not available
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