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Hi-Def Imagination in Print

Description: Hi-Def Imagination in Print is about reviving the wonderful world of print; taking it to the next level by integrating technological advances; creating imagination and vividness in the readers mind; and combining them with sound business practices to operate effectively in the publishing industry. We are here to create bestsellers and nothing less.

My customers are worldwide and through our distributor and creative marketing we can reach all of them. In the USA alone we have roughly 230M potential readers, and about 130M actually viable readers. We reach them by integrating them into the title selection process (conducting market studies on the books we intend to take on) and by directly marketing our newest publications to them.

Our competitors are large over-zealous firms that produce nearly 90% of the bestsellers in the market. They have huge and bloated overheads, they are inflexible and make not aim to produce books that are actually commercially viable. They publish books blindly with no way to know what the market response will be, kind of like driving 200 k.p.h. down the highway while blindfolded hoping that they will get to their destination intact.

3) My idea is unique because of our focus on developing market oriented work and the competitive edge is that we actually conduct market studies before we take on a title or an author to give us the best possible opportunity when we go to publication with a title.

We promote the business by using Facebook and social marketing to encourage word-of-mouth, and by marketing directly to the readers. Involving readers in the process is unique in the industry. Often traditional publishing firms choose the books and the authors without any input from their readers, and often without any type of understanding of who their readers are or what they look for in a book. They also often have no idea why one book does well while another flops. By marketing directly to consumers and making the effort to understand what readers look for, what they want, and why they choose to read a book or not, we have the competitive advantage over our much larger counterparts.

My experience in this type of business is not 20 years or anything like that, but I do have a passion for books, reading, and business. I am the guy who researched the industry and realized that people are tired of reading crap, and that the industry lacks one basic that all other industries regard very highly…an accurate consumer profile. I currently serve with the US Army as a paralegal. I personally support 600+ personnel; previously I was the Office Manager supporting 13 Attorneys, 9 paralegals, and 7 claims adjustors. Before the Army I worked as a temp with a research firm who as I aided them as they conducted a 5 year audit backlog.

We are currently in operations, but to get our first 7 books to publication and to maintain the integrity of our publishing program we need at least $120,000 USD. I already commit all of my disposable income, my savings, and my time to this venture. I hope you’d be interested in doing the same with me.

The full business plan is a bit larger then the limit allowed. I have included the executive statement instead, I can forward the full plan on request.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I need capital to help keep us on track for publication, and a business partner to either provide capital or help find and secure capital for my firm.

In a partner I am looking for that someone who is interested in the long haul, can deal with the pressures of a start-up operation and who can help provide experience and expertise to this venture. One who has faith in me and my direction, and who isn't afraid to say, "Hey, maybe you should re-think this approach." Or "Go for it, take the risk."
Author: ekudepy from United States  Posting reviewed by: 479 users
Country of business: United States  Published on: 03 July 2011
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3642
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