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Human calendar assistant website proposal

Description: If you are a good web designer and programmer just create website e.g. (not taken) and you can get subscriptions for e.g. $10 per month where the user has 50 reminders. You can for example to wake him up everyday, or call him to remind him about other reminders (wife's birthday, child's birthday, important meeting). This has a quite few advantages than reminders on telephone or pc, where as you can remind him about how important that thing is (in a nutshell the human factor is added which no machine can replace) for example, you could call him to wake him up and say: you have to wake up now as you have a very important meeting which can change your life.
Target audience: unorganized, lazy, overworked, too much pressure.
It is a great idea and lots of revenue with very low startup costs.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
Author: jedipet from Lebanon  Posting reviewed by: 416 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 31 October 2011
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3723
Business Sector: services Image: Not available
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Human calendar assistant website proposal  by jedipet , 31/10/2011 , 416, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Human calendar assistant website proposal  by isonuti , 18/11/2011 , 183, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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