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Tour operator in Tanzania

Description: Having discovered how potential is my country Tanzania in terms of Tourism Attractions, we have decided to pledge our entry into the industry to take the opportunity of unutilized potential business area. We have discovered how amazing our country is in front of the eyes of the visitor and the desparation of the dissapointe visitors by the boggest tour operators in the market, that is why we have come up with a unique solution for them. Our aim to clear where appropriate the shame we might have got in terms of the dissapointing service provided by the biggest players in the market, the reason being the increased number of tourists with low serving capacity.
We are focused towards tailored needes for every single client willing to travel to Tanzania, not mainly groups. We have equiped ourselves with new fleet of vehicles with all tourist needed equipments unlike the the big players in the market who are using old outdated vehicles.
Our focus is also directed towards the domestic market which is abandoned by the current competitors. Our newly launched honeymooners package gives us the pride as it is amazing many local clients.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
I am a brand new opened Tour Operator in Tanzania with brand new fleet of Vehicles and Camping Gears. We are fully registered with the National Tourism Authorities.
We are looking for business partners worldwide travel agents who are looking for quality and professional tour operators to handle their clients in Tanzania.
Author: gunedij from Tanzania  Posting reviewed by: 413 users
Country of business: Tanzania  Published on: 13 December 2011
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3752
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