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Ice cream outlets in Swaziland

Description: It is a fresh idea for this country which is located in Southern Africa. The idea is to run ice cream outlets in the major cities of the country. It will be "ice cream only" outlets selling different variants. It should be started soon before someone else gets hold of it.
Need from others: You may want to invest into this business just before it takes off or you start up outlets in your area by investing in an ice cream firm that will then supply the outlets. We are two already and need just two more.
Author: Loben from Swaziland  Posting reviewed by: 331 users
Country of business: Swaziland  Published on: 27 May 2003
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 376
Business Sector: food and tobacco Image: Not available
Business Plan
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3 Credits required


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Ice cream outlets in Swaziland  by Loben , 27/05/2003 , 331, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Ice cream outlets in Swaziland  by isfpvtltd , 27/06/2003 , 240, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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