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Start-up entrepreneurs - got an idea for the Cloud?

Description: CMSaaS - OpenSource CMS with SaaS model.

Key features
Modern ultra-fast technologies

NGINX server for static content
Erlang based application server
MongoDB database

Support for multiple independent hosts on one machine

Each host is controlled by its user
Members do not have access to the data of another host

Integrated billing

Regular and one-time payments
The total balance of a host of automatic debit on domains

A two-tier management system

Administrative users - control of their hosts and domains
Domain users - manage information within the domain

Working with domains

Support for unlimited number of domains to host
Aliases and redirects to domains


UTF-8 encoding
Support multi-language sites
Choose your language site by specifying the language code in a way that sub-domain, or a GET parameter
Create, edit and use format files. mo for gettext

SEO support

Generation of Google sitemap
Set keywords on subjects and topics

Dynamic typification of content

Creating by users different types of content pages (news, text pages, blogs, product pages)
Sort the content, display lists of content by the parameters

Automatic data processing

Form generation
Processing of forms by the specified rules
Automatic processing of served files, check permissions and placement of watermark image

Advanced caching

Automatically generated html site mirror for the show when the system stops
A two-level cache - the level of pages and level of data elements

Frequently Asked Questions

For user

Whereby CMSaaS better than other CMS?

By that it is another ;-)

By that it does not use scary words such as “taxonomy. ” Instead, you propose to create the page, draw a menu and get ready site without the headache.

Also, do not have to think about hosting and installation (this CMS comes with hosting), and forget horrible words “ftp”, “mysql” - all this is no longer required.

Because it is based on the fastest web technologies, available today for mass-market.
Can I test this system in action for free?

Yes, soon you will be able to create a third level domain on our site and test all its capabilities.

For developer

Why Erlang?

It's a concurrent programming language and runtime system. Web sites are no longer a collection of static pages, and their generation for multiple users requires running in concurent, thread-safe environment.

Hot-swapped code allows an automatic upgrades. Structure of Erlang allow to distribute platform to the many servers automatically.

And finally, it's just cool because Erlang - the language of the future Web.

Why MongoDB?

MongoDB simplifies development. Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, providing flexibility during the development process.

MongoDB has built-in support for horizontal scalability, full consistency and transactional updates.
Need from others: What can you offer in exchange for participation in the creation of our system?
Author: agimyba from Bulgaria  Posting reviewed by: 142 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 05 July 2012
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3873
Business Sector: IT Image: Not available
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Start-up entrepreneurs - got an idea for the Cloud?

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