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Dominate The Mobile Apps Market

Description: Are you hardworking, driven, and determined to be successful? Have you ever thought about owning your own business?

We have a lucrative business model that we know you are going to love – and the more effort you put in the more money you will make simple as that!

Everyone knows that mobile phone technologies are here to stay. They are the new secret weapon we source all of our information from, and for anyone who has their own business they are a key marketing and communication tool.

One of the newest ways that people are promoting their brand and communicating with consumers is through mobile phone applications, or “Apps”.
Just like every business has a logo, has a website, has a catchy name – now they all have an App – or at least they will if they want to keep up.

This is where you come in and hit the jackpot.

We want you to make and sell Apps – and make a lot of money doing it.

An App will typically sell for about $1500-$2000 each. After that it costs about 100$/month to maintain that App and make sure that every time Apple or Samsung or a phone company updates their software that App will continue to function normally.

This is all money that is there for the taking. Why should you believe us? Just keep reading.

We estimate that to make one App with our easy to use App builder – it will take you approximately 8 hours which includes all the communication time between you and your client as well as the time to actually use the program to make the App. Not only that, the App that you make will be under your brand name and they will have no idea we even exist!

That means that for every App you sell you make 1500$ as well as the 100$/month after that of passive income for doing absolutely nothing! That means for the 8 hours of building the App you will make $187.5/ hour and then you will get the 100$/month every month for doing nothing.

Once you get used to the software and get better at creating the Apps we estimate that you will be able to make an app in only 4 hours – half the time – double the hourly rate. So you can see the money is there to be made – it just depends on how many Apps you want to sell.

Lets say you sell one App a week for one year. That will make you 78,000$ just for the 1500$ you sell the App for, plus the additional 100$/mo/App which adds on $26000 over the year.

That’s 52 Apps you would have made in the year – lets say it takes you on avg 5 hours to build each App, that’s 220 hours. So you would have made a total of $104,000 for the year in 220 hours which means you are making over 400$/hr!
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Author: elonijy from Australia  Posting reviewed by: 221 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 23 October 2013
Region of business: Australia world area Posting ID: 3971
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