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The Eight Habits Of Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs

Description: 1. Look at How They Think, Not at What They Do. If you just observed the actions entrepreneurs take, you would conclude there isnít that much to be gained from studying them. Each entrepreneurís behavior is as idiosyncratic as they are. You would have to be Larry Page and Sergey Brin to start Google; Oprah Winfrey to found Harpo Productions.

Butóand it is a huge butóif you look at how they reason, you see remarkable similarities. The process just about all of them follows in creating their companies looks like this. They:

A. Figure out what they really want to do.

B. Take a small step toward that goal.

C. Pause after taking that small step to see what they have learned.

D. Build off that learning and take another small step.

E. Pause after taking that step.

F. Build off what they learned in step two. And then take another small stepÖ

If we were to reduce it to a formula, it would be Act. Learn. Build Repeat.

Put simply, in the face of an unknown future, entrepreneurs act. They deal with uncertainty not by trying to analyze it, or planning for every contingency, or predicting what the outcomes will be. Instead, they act, learn from what they find, and act again. Read More Here
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Author: werarav from Canada  Posting reviewed by: 394 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 28 October 2013
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