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metal handling partner search,business cooperation

Description: Metal Commerce and Spin-N in Serbia and Montenegro.
We offer cooperation as partners in making, shaping, handling and other types of configuration (of/on our or yours material), cool and heat shaping of metal, steel, an other material drilling, cutting, polishing, boiling, making unique form from parts, high deformations, etc.
If needed, we can involve our business partners from other production spheres. We could work large series and production by special order in all demands.
We have all necessary knowledge, experience and equipment - tools and machines and adequate space.
We are ready to even start with small deliveries and make sample products for potential buyers.
Locations are in Smederevo,~40km from Belgrade and in Despotovac,~100km from Belgrade.
We can use our facility in Nish if needed.
Our production and work was mainly based on agriculture manufacturing and maintenance, but we had wide demands and many pleased customers.
We have all needed basics to become with your partnership one of the biggest specialized in metal handling firm on Balkan, we are open to any adequate business opportunity and even start with distribution.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
We are looking for potential customers interested in our products.
Author: djora from Montenegro  Posting reviewed by: 523 users
Country of business: Serbia  Published on: 27 July 2003
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 455
Business Sector: manufacturing Image: Not available
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