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Germinated Cereal Beverage .

Description: - Beverages whose basic fluid is extract of germinated cereals.
- Cereals: germinated barley, sorghum and corn
- Extract is obtained by brewing process
- Advantages: sufficient digestible carbohydrates, essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts for human organism
- Various kinds of beverage with specific flavours and aromas
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I need:
- Investors
- Owner of factories, which want to manufacture those products.
Author: OMNIOMNI from United States 
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Posting reviewed by: 388 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 19 September 2003
Region of business: North America world area Posting ID: 512
Business Sector: beverages Image: Not available
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germinated cereal beverage
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