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Restaurant bussiness oppotunity

Description: I live in a small city on the west coast of Australia. This town is going through some major redevelopment changes that exceed hundreds of million dollars. The local real-estate market has been climbing for the last year & just in the last 2 months it has gone through the roof. A lot of out of towners are buying up the town. You wouldn’t believe some of the projects that are happening in the immediate area. This town is mainly a fishing & grain town, now the council are trying to get tourism as a main industry here. The local retail businesses have recorded record sales and it is not backing off. This town has the highest concentration of millionaires in Australia.
As I have knowledge in the hospitality industry mainly as a chef for 12 yrs I've decided to open a cafe in town, actually on the waterfront, which is part of the development. I will have little competition because there is a great shortage off experienced chefs in the area. Two restaurants have opened up lately in town & the food is pretty average but due to the high demand for restaurants these restaurants are doing very well! I intend to start small and as the redevelopment programme nears completion that is the time to really expand & take full advantage of the new scenery & totally monopolise the restaurant business in town, with fantastic food and service never seen in this town before. Believe me when I say that this is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a solid investment opportunity with little input but a huge return in less than five years I won't lie to you but 3 out of 5 restaurant fail due to bad management that won't happen because I have the knowledge & people around me to support this & make it happen. i mentioned I'll start off small, that is the key. All the profits in that initial stage will go towards expanding the business & getting internationally recognised as one of the best restaurants in Australia, a big claim but one of my gifts is vision & knowledge of the industry.
I'm debt free, young & motivated & with a will to succeed. i have capital of my own but not enough. I'm looking for people to invest in this venture even if you do not know anything about the industry. I have a prime location in town lined up and once i get the funding we will be in business almost immediately & within a year the explanations will take place, that’s when it gets exciting I believe with your little amount of capital you could become finically free within five years. Make no mistake restaurants of this calibre can make 1-3 million dollars in sales a year. I'm willing to give a generous percentage of the business to 6 investors who are willing to come on board.
Thank you for reading this & i look forward to a long & profitable relationship.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
What I need from my 6 business partners is to match my capital input, which is only ten thousand dollars Australian.
The return on this will be huge in the short future.(you won’t be able to get this on the stock market).
When I have my 6 business partners that are interested a legal document will be drawn up & from there we are in business.
Thank you & I look forward in doing business with you.
Author: ilykulo from Australia 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 09 October 2003
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