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Sell posters and/or stickers

Description: This is a line I created, which is my original work and my copyright. It is:

"You have the stuff of a winner.
If you accept this truth, you win.
If you deny it, you lose.
Choose what to do."

In a difficult situation, this statement makes a person win against all odds. Whatever the handicap/difficulty forced upon him/her he/she will definitely come out winners. This makes a winner in all situations - job-related, business, achieving a sales target, achieving a growth/profit target, problems in personal life, education - just anything. This will break the loser in the person, bring out the winner.
Need from others: You can sell posters and/or stickers through poster/sticker resellers in your area, it will sell in thousands in each district. You sell the stickers/posters. Pay me US$ 0.5/- (half dollar) to use it in any poster, sticker etc. (Please send for minimum 500 no.s - US$ 250/-). Everyone will have an unachieved goal at any time - either in his profession, personal life, etc. Looking at this, will immensely help his prospects of achieving it. You may sell it for US$ 2/-, 3/-, or even higher than that. Resellers and end-users will buy this from you.
Author: jojuwap from Denmark 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 14 October 2003
Region of business: any Posting ID: 542
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