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How to sell tiny stories?

Description: I am writing tiny stories – stories, which are too short to be called short stories. When people don't have the patience or time to go through short stories or novels, these tiny stories will give them the pleasure of reading. But a tiny story should be able to move the reader in a minute or two- it should not be a mere passage, which doesn't touch the readers' mind. The test of a short story lies in its arresting nucleus. These are my tiny stories, which are my original works and my copyright, and which are in my URL.

(STORY1) ABSTRACT PARTNER Police Officer Obrien Wilson recieves a phone call from an Indian Police Officer Ranjith Singh. Ranjit Singh claims that he has specific info about a terrorist plot to blow up some of the city's landmarks, and that he is waiting outside the airport. Wilson drives up to the airport and meets Ranjith Singh,and starts heading to the terrorists' hideout. Wilson is surprised by Ranjith's knowledge of the city's topography and accurate tracking of the terrorists' hideout! There is a shoot out at the terrorists' hideout where all but one are killed.Wilson runs out of ammo and is face to face with the lone surviving terrorist who is armed with an assault rifle. But,the terrorist drops his weapon and flees the place on seeing Ranjith. Even as Wilson watches with amazement, the car of the fleeing terrorist mysteriously explodes with the terrorist trapped inside. Wilson comes home with Ranjith, and observes that Ranjith can walk through walls and closed doors. Ranjith now reveals the truth about himself- that he was killed by the fleeing terrorist when Ranjith tried to arrest him in Bombay! Now that he had had his revenge, he thanks WIlson and vanishes.

(STORY2)THE UGLY FACE Prof. Harry Ellingworth is on a self-discovery mission to India-where his father Mr.Richard Ellingworth served as a Police Officer. Harry boards a train to go to one of the places where his father served, which is a small, sleepy town. In the train, Harry sees a man with a deformed face. Harry buys some snacks on the train journey. But at the sight of the ugly faced man, Harry loses appetite, retches and throws away the food. Harry kicks the ugly man and drives him out of the coach to another coach. A ticket inspector gently forbids Harry from doing so. Harry insists on driving the ugly man out, as his revolting features make Harry sick. The ticket inspector relates the story of the ugly man.: when he was in his mother's womb, a police officer beat his mother till she fainted. When she gave birth to the ugly man, she became inconsolable, as she knew that the police officer's torture has deformed her son in her womb. From that day on, the ugly man and his mother lived a life of hell, as no one can tolerate to look at the ugly man. As a result of the torture meted out to the mother, she cannot bear another child, and the only child had been deformed by the torture. The mother died a few weeks ago, but her son continues to live a life which is worse than heel itself. And then the ticket inspector told Harry the name of the police officer who was responsible for the ugly man - it was one Mr.Richard Ellingworth. It was Harry's father.
Need from others: You can print out these tiny stories and sell them - while printing/downloading each copy of a story, you send me US$ 0.1/- (minimum 1000 prints). A copy of these powerful stories can be sold at anywhere between 0.6 - 1.0 USD. If you like these works and think that they will attract the reader, go ahead and sell them as mentioned above. Because of the moving stuff of these stories, you will be respected widely for dealing them, and this is perhaps the only straight-forward business with an initial investment of just US$100/- (0.1 x 1000 = US$100/-).

I don't know how you will pay me, or how I will receive it. Please make a suggestion.
Author: jojuwap from Denmark 
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