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Selling Items on internet by collaboration

Description: 1) Sell products in bulk and offer discounts
2) Allow collaborative buying of products and hence each buyer gets the discount.
Allow retailers to upload their product catalog and apply discounts to the products.
When a buyer navigates to the home page , a list of all unique products accross retailers and their discounts are displayed.When the buyer selects an item,depending on the membership level of the retailers the system will display the product of a specific retailer.When the buyer places an order for the item , the sale is not executed.(Ex: Buy One Get One Free Discount Rule).When another buyers decides to buy similar item from the same retailer then the sale of the 1st buyer is also executed(In the Above case,both the buyers get 25% discount).
This way the retailers can sell items in bulk and also the number of buyer viewing their product is multiplied by atleast 100x.
Need from others: I would like someone to give me inputs on this plan and also help me in building a pilot web based project.
Author: ebotapi from United States  Posting reviewed by: 570 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 17 October 2003
Region of business: North America world area Posting ID: 547
Business Sector: wholesale and retail Image: Not available
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