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Co-op World membership drive.

Description: I was recently invited to help launch a remarkable new business that has been almost four years in design and development.
The prebuild phase has just begun, and the project will be launched in February 2004.
It's a business that has:
** a highly innovative business model that many believe
is set to exceed their expectations of being one of the fastest growing Fortune500 companies
** a high quality management team in place including
former directors of leading public companies
** a brilliant execution plan that can quite possibly
achieve market reach that no other MLM has achieved before.
Need from others: The revolutionary part of this business is that over 75% of the funds that would normally be held onto as profits are distributed back to the members and charities.

We proudly announce that memberships are available for all business-idea users.
Free to join. No fees ever.
Author: agent from United States 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 18 December 2003
Region of business: any Posting ID: 642
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