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Financial Web Site

Description: I plan to create a web site that will provide information,proposals,articles and mainly picks both short term and long term regarding several investments such as stocks,options,commodities.I plan to have a free section and a paid section with a lot of current analysis.My target is to have at least 5000 paid clints during the first year with the potential of at least 10% increase each year.Many aspects and topics will be covered and I want to answer personally to various investment questions both basic and advanced to all our clints.A very innovative and good looking web site with a nice mane is under review and why not I plan to create an investment club.Support and transparency is one of the very important values.I want to create something great.
Need from others: I need some help regarding promotion,advertising,creation of web site and why not help on issuing articles.
Author: stavgeor from Greece 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 18 December 2003
Region of business: any Posting ID: 655
Business Sector: financial services Image: Not available
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