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Business card display rack.

Description: This project I have had an idea on since 1989. It is a product that actually provides a unique service not seen very much by anyone, and the ones that are out there by other entrepreneur's only serve one function and that is to attract service oriented business to pay for advertising on this display. The product is a business card display rack. The market is wide open and virtually untouched. I won't go into the detail on this site as far as how many slots, how many cards per slot, or all the other many uses for this display rack that would literally blow your mind when you heard all the other implications of how innovative this product really is when combined with all the other marketing abilities this product has to provide. Now granted, the product can only provide the different market streams as the owner gives it.
That is where we come in. This system will already come ready to implement all of these market streams to the end user.
The selling point behind all of these displays are they advertise for themselves once they are place in a high traffic area. I had them trade marked, and I tried to market 25 of these years ago with very little capital. Marketing is where this program was lacking due to the lack of funds, and now I would like to continue where I left off and take it beyond my wildest dreams. I estimate that a "complete" marketing research start-up capital will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of $25k to $50K. $100K to $200K E-commerce set up to include a full time webmaster, shopping cart, programmer for this products customized software to be developed (and will explain later away from this forum why I need it.) Advertising: Internet (global), Newspapers, magazines to include; business opportunity, money, trade, etc., radio (nationally), and Television (depends on funding, maybe on late night) spots. I don't want to sound high ended, but this could end up costing as much as $500K. Start-Up Operating Capital to include, location for our business, managers and employee's to include some technical staff, product capital to contract out in the beginning, insurances, etc. $200-300K Legal: $100-200K to cover not only the start-up legal process of putting this venture together but to cover the company from any liability. Also it may be good to plan on retaining a attorney, because it just makes good business sense. Total estimated start-up capital needed = $1,175,000.00 to $1,500,000.00. Approximate pay off of loan is 5 years.

Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
I need enough funding that would include enough capital for a complete market analysis to capture the recognition of entrepreneur's alike not only nationally but internationally as well.
You will receive 80% of the profits until loan is paid off and 50% thereafter. You will be involved in voicing your opinion an all business matters.
Author: kinyrab from United States 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 22 February 2004
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