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Wedding dollar (deep-discount) store.

Description: I own a retail wedding shop in southwest Louisiana which is primarily rural. As everyone knows, the discount stores are really making huge profits in these kind of areas. We have 4 dollar/discount stores in my town alone which has a population of 8000. My bridal customers shop at these locations for cheap wedding items for receptions such as table centerpieces, candle holders...etc. so it is difficult for me to compete with pricing. I believe a similar type of retail business specifically designed for weddings would be very profitable -- retail storefront locations, not e-business that would offer a large variety of items for $1 and below $5. I have done extensive search on the internet for 'cheap' & 'wholesale' wedding products & have found literally 100's of 1000's of sites which advertise discounted prices but most are not really discounted & most do not offer large selection at deep discount prices so the internet businesses, although fairly successful do not offer the 'dollar store' wedding discounts as I imagine. So I believe this would be a profitable business. I have used all my savings and personal funds to begin my store so have no funds available to begin this project. This maybe a good idea for a national franchise.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I would like to know if anyone knows of an existing wedding discount store here in the U.S. & if it has multiple locations (possibility of franchise, etc). If not, would like opinions of those familiar with some knowledge of the wedding industry or similar retail to speculate or offer opinion on this business idea. Also, if anyone is really interested in pursuing this further with me as financial partner, I can offer an existing store & property to be used as starting point. I already have the facility & staff but do not have funds for the initial inventory of the wedding products & a decent advertising budget to begin this project. I am a very artistic & creative person & could really take this far in terms of selecting & buying appropriate wedding products. Please advise.
Author: ycedaru from United States 
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Posting reviewed by: 899 users
Country of business: US Louisiana  Published on: 15 March 2004
Region of business: ->North America world area Posting ID: 741
Business Sector: wholesale and retail Image: Not available
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Wedding dollar (deep-discount) store.  by ycedaru , 15/03/2004 , 899 A user of this site directly contacted the author of this posting , 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Wedding dollar store - Great Location!!  by ycedaru , 22/03/2004 , 408, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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