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Angel investment - to fund a historic technology project

Description: There was a time in history when three words “Made In India” ensured that a product would sell in the world market irrespective of its price. The buyer of the products believed that this very Indian ness guaranteed that it was of a high quality and worth every pie of the money spent on it. Unfortunately as time passed by the market went through some dramatic changes and the “India Brand” was forced out of the limelight. But now thing have started looking up and there is going to be a definite reversal of the process in future. So we believe that now is the right time to execute our idea/vision and add momentum to India’s comeback to the world stage. Our company has a lot of energy and really comes to all of us very easily; it also reminds each and every one of us of our social responsibilities.

Our portal provides a virtual world of opportunity where talented Indians from all walks of life transcending all geographical barriers get to unite and present their unique skills and products before the world. The country is full of raw talent in all field like handicraft, art, fashion designing, literature, sculptures, painting, music, engineering innovation, interior, photography, modelling and the list goes on. These talents are waiting to be discovered universally, which is exactly what we aims to do i.e. a nation wide hunt for talents in all fields associating the best minds in the business to judge the talents and support them to find opportunities. A dedicated back office will be provided for the portal to help achieve its goal.

Apart from this, the portal will boast of having something for everybody, age no barrier, and sex no barrier. And will be a continuous experience for all Indians to share their aspirations and voice their concerns effectively. In short it will be a total happening ‘swadisth khichdi’ of everything Indian with email service, online music store, movies, goodies, fund raising for social causes and lots more.

We believe “music” as the best PR solution that will hit the right chord with the people so we have decided to come out with a series of music album with videos and for the first time in India setup a complete Indian Music Band/Orchestra with fresh region talent supported by the best artistes in the industry. This three-pronged strategy will help us promote talent, make the portal popular and act as an alternative stream of revenue. For music production and in-house recording, a studio is being set-up in Cochin helping us to cur out own albums and giving us entry into the ever-exciting music industry.

From business point of view, our analysis proves that one of the main reasons for the dotcom bubble bursting is that the portals had no alternative revenue streams apart from advertising and so making the cost of portal much expensive to sustain. This is where the back of infrastructure will serve its purpose- record sales, the studio, trading in the portal, live concerts, brand loyalties, memberships will be some of the streams of revenue with the portal being the nucleus. Talent promotion will help us generate sizeable advertising revenue also and will also act as a major PR tool for the portal, reducing the overall promotion cost.

The future is exciting and our portal is all set to grab hold of it, always keeping in mind it’s a strong sense of social responsibility. We hope to add some sparkle to India, and help by our humble efforts to rejuvenate Brand India.
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Author: cugakus from India  Posting reviewed by: 1465 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 28 April 2004
Region of business: any Posting ID: 808
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