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Starting your business on the Web

Description: Are you starting your business or bringing it to a new standard? Is this the moment you think it's time to have your own site?
Start-Ups, how much do you currently pay for an update made on your site every time you need it? $100 per page? $40-75 per hour?
Your web site can be a really effective marketing and selling tool that will return and multiply your investment in it. Is this true? Yes, if done right. Starting on your web-site you should remember that these days it is not enough to just have a site because everyone has it. You absolutely need a friendly and easily expandable Content Management System on your site because this is the only way to guarantee site flexibility and effectiveness and, of course, save on its maintenance!!

We know what you need and we are here to make your life easier - for right now and for the long run.

Having our content management tool integrated with your site you can:

- add/delete site sections;
- add necessary number of menu levels;
- add/delete/edit text;
- add/delete/edit graphics;
- create news and publications groups and manage these groups content;
- maintain a photo gallery on your site;
- keep a list of useful links and downloads and a list of contacts;
- keep a database of users subscribed to your updates or newsletters;
- create HTML e-mails with your identity and graphics and dispatch them in Auto or Manual modes according to your mailing list;
- maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions;
- maintain and moderate a Guestbook and a Forum on your site.
Need from others: And you can try most of these operations right now. Contact me for the demo site url where you can try most of this features live.
Author: cejulyw from Russian Federation 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 23 August 2004
Region of business: any Posting ID: 960
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