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Investing in a resort community in Philippines

Description: A world-class resort community, it brings to fore a great deal of options for the savvy individual looking for the perfect investment portfolio. The resort, with its world-class leisure facilities that include fine dining, function rooms, sports amenities and furnished vacation villas, perfectly complements the beautifully-furnished Hotel Suite. Together, they represent the most strategic ownership opportunities to local and foreign investors who can expect to enjoy a Six-In-One package of guarantees:
-Impressive property appreciation
-Fully furnished hotel suites
-Steady source of revenue from lease rental
-Discounted and unlimited access to the resort
-Free use of the units for 30 days per year
Now, that’s unmatched synergy of value and planning all rolled into one.
Price range: (in Philippine peso) Hotel Suite - Deluxe: PHP 2,750,000.00 Hotel Su.ite - Regular: PHP 2,112,000.00.
Easy payment scheme also available and Reservation Fee is only PHP 20,000.00
Need from others: Foreigners who can invest, buy and own the resort.
Author: tuvipec from Philippines  Posting reviewed by: 234 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 03 September 2004
Region of business: any Posting ID: 983
Business Sector: property services Image: Not available
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