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Customized advertising enabled on most p

03 September 2010 by webmaster

We introduced a possibility to advertise on almost all Business Ideas pages. Get more details at Advertising.


Twitter enabled

28 April 2010 by webmaster

Each new submitted and accepted posting will be automatically sent to Business Ideas Forum on Twitter.
It is also possible to tweet each posting directly from the posting page while clicking on the Tweet This Posting from Business Ideas Forum icon.


'New' posting sign on Directory page

14 April 2010 by webmaster

We introduced Contain new posting(s) less than 10 days old sign on the Directory page showing which subdirectory group contains a new posting.


Streaming Business Ideas Widgets

20 September 2008 by webmaster

Site owners and webmasters can place our widgets at their sites to provide free of charge a stream of newest business ideas dynamically updated from BUSINESS-IDEAS Forum.


Advertise on BUSINESS IDEAS Forum

05 December 2007 by webmaster

You can now place your ad at our Start Page or in our monthly Newsletter. Read more about advertising opportunities.


Three user interface updates

10 May 2007 by webmaster

We have made a few small updates recently:

  1. Sequential search and Posting Alert Subscription enhanced by possibility to search for countries of posting authors.

  2. Learn what Business-Ideas members subscribe for from an interactive graph.

  3. See the updated graphs showing what members usually searched for and get direct links to search results.


Our entrepreneurial members survey

10 April 2007 by webmaster

Are you interested to know:

1) The average age our entrepreneurial members and how many of them are women?
2) How many of our entrepreneurial members are university educated?
3) How many of our entrepreneurial members have created their own companies?
4) How many of our entrepreneurial members have owned more than one company?
5) How many of the entrepreneurial ventures of our members are in a growth phase?
6) How old are the entrepreneurial ventures of our members?
7) What are the approximate revenues of the entrepreneurial ventures of our members?

Get the results from our entrepreneurial members survey.


Business Startup Quiz

14 March 2007 by webmaster

Are you ready for self-employment?
Is your business statup set up for success?
Take an interactive entrepreneurship quiz to find out.


Map with members locations in the world

26 February 2007 by webmaster

Any users can now get other members locations in the world by means of Google Maps. The maps are available from any posting page.


Business-Idea changed logo.

15 January 2007 by


Expression search enhanced

06 January 2007 by webmaster

Besides standard phrase search, the expression search allows now searching for posting authors and posting ID number as well.


Posting history log

05 January 2007 by webmaster

Any published posting can be later modified by its author.
All previous postings versions are from now on saved at the posting history log and are available to all visitors from the posting view.


Featured Business Ideas presentations

31 October 2006 by webmaster

Featured business ideas and opportunities are presented with full text and pictures at the new presentation page.

Any posting from any author can be featured on this list. Read more what you get when your business idea posting gets featured.


Business ideas spotted on global markets

20 October 2006 by webmaster

Our Forum moderators have recently started to scan various world media for smart new business ideas that can deliver instant inspiration to your entrepreneurial mind.

The business ideas are listed together with business ideas from the Forum that our members have succeeded to turn into real business.


Affiliate Program

28 July 2006 by webmaster

The Affiliate Program offers web site owners the opportunity to earn commission on purchases we receive through their web site.

Most Affiliate Programs work on a click-through basis. However, by paying commission as a percentage of sales generated through an Affiliate's referrals rather than per click, we can offer more substantial revenues to our Affiliates.

You earn 20% from each purchase your referrer makes. There are two purchases you get commission from:

1) Your referrer purchases Credits Credits.
2) Your referrer contacts somebody in the Forum and pays with money.


Best Business Idea of the Month

26 May 2006 by webmaster

Our forum moderators publish a Best Business Idea of the month in our monthly Newsletter reaching more than 50000 subscribers.


RSS options and collection of favourites

27 April 2006 by webmaster

At the bottom of all Forum pages there are book marking and RSS feed subscrition options:

1. that provides an online collection of favorites that can be shared with others.

2. FeedBurner that makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers.

3. standard RSS feed.


Business Ideas relevant to your country

15 March 2006 by webmaster

Click on your country flag in the "QUICK SEARCH" menu to get business ideas relevant for your country or your country world area.


Business Plans

03 February 2006 by webmaster

We provide a possibility to present your business plan to your potential business partners.
The Business Plan gives your new business the best possible chance of success. It demonstrates to your potential business partners and investors your professional attitude and sincerity of your intentions. It is "MUST HAVE" for any serious StartUp.

Your business plan will be available for others only with your contact information.
During posting publishing, you can study related Business Plans samples from the same business sector as your posting.

Each posting view provides numerous links to related Business Plan Samples.
Eventually we plan to publish over 50 Business Plan Samples from various business sector and link them to related postings.


Change your login User Name

26 November 2005 by webmaster

Until now it was not possible to choose your own Login User Name. You User Name was the same as your name in the Forum.
Now it is possible to choose your own Login User Name. The name used in the Forum stays the same as it is and is assigned to each member during registration. Change your Login User Name now.


Adjust Text size

20 November 2005 by webmaster

Press the adjust font size sign on the menu bar of each page to switch between large and small text size.


RSS feeds available from all Forum pages

16 November 2005 by webmaster

RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content. The feed is placed at the bottom of each Forum page.

1. Open the Forum.
2. Use as an example to search for cosmetics.
3. Click the feed at the bottom of the search result page to get the RSS feed.
4. Copy the feed link to your feed reader.

The feeds are placed on all pages including any search results pages of the Forum and Directory.
The result feeds are referring only to business ideas posting without comments. Depending on the type of search, there can be up to 20 most recent search result feeds or any number less than one month old feeds.


World map location of visitors

30 October 2005 by webmaster

On a world map you can see the geographical location and time (GMT -8 hours) of last 20 visitors. The map scale bar (slider) has 17 levels from street-level to global. The map is regularly updated once per hour.


Posting statistic and success factors

16 October 2005 by webmaster

This new function is accessible from any posting view.

1) The posting visiting statistic allows you to learn how many visitors have viewed the posting and where they came from.

2) The success factors rating shows ratings of 9 fundamental conditions that are considered necessary for turning an idea into real and successful business.
The success factors are:

The posting author:

1) knows who are the customers.
2) knows who are the competitors.
3) what is his/her competitive edge (what is unique).
4) knows how to promote the business.
5) has experience in this type of business.
6) is aware about estimate on how much it will cost to start the business.
7) is ready to commit assets/equity to start the business.
8) Business idea feasibility in general.
9) Business plan and idea presentation.

You are welcome as well to provide your own assessment of above mentioned success factors for any posting in the Forum.


Evaluate your potential business partner

30 September 2005 by webmaster

Learn various information helping you to evaluate your potential business partner you have met in the Forum before you decide to contact him/her.

The information available free of charge for any member is:
-country he/she registered from
-running/not running his/her own business
-number of years in the business
-number of postings and average posting popularity
-date of last visit and log on
-number of times other members and visitors have tried to contact him/her
-number of times he/she have tried to contact other members

Update your existing user account to provide the new information to your potential partners and customers.

The information about other members is available from any posting page and from User Account dialog.


Access to successful business ideas

12 September 2005 by webmaster

For only 5 Credits you can get an unlimited access to all successful business ideas.
Successful or Materialized Ideas are those ideas that members have turned into a real business. It uses reciprocal feedbacks from members who have contacted and made business with the posting authors.
The Materialized Ideas feature is accessible from the Forum page.


Business Ideas postings Directory

05 September 2005 by webmaster

The Directory allows easy overview of all postings published in the Forum.
The directory is arranged by business sectors and contains number of subdirectories related to various key words that are linked with each posting text.


Partner, customer and financing search

27 July 2005 by webmaster

In the Forum view quick search functions for partners, customers and financing were introduced.

Partners neededNeed Partners
Customers neededNeed Customer
Financing neededNeed Financing
Financing providedProvide Financing


Posting subscription with keywords

20 July 2005 by webmaster

In the posting subscription dialog menu you can create alerts for new postings complying your selected conditions. The conditions are:
1. business sector
2. country of business
3. world area of business
and now as well
4. keywords.

The keywords give you a possibility to define more precisely the criteria for your postings subscription alerts.
You can add the keywords conditions to any of your existing alerts.


Get map location of members and postings

06 July 2005 by webmaster

The feature displays location of any member as well as of any business from postings on a world map. View the posting text in a Posting view to access the feature. Click the national flag next to the name of the posting author or the national flag or name of the world region next to the “Location of Business” label.


Get more information about other members

14 June 2005 by webmaster

Learn useful information about any member you might consider contacting and make business with.
Information like age, gender, education, business ownership, sigh in date, date of last visit and login, number of postings, posting popularity and feedbacks from other members is available free of charge.

Moreover you can as well learn how many times the member has contacted other members and how many times other members have contacted him.
Similarly, you can learn how many contact attempts the member has made and how many other members have attempted to contact him.


Interactive customer support

02 June 2005 by webmaster

The new interactive customer support lists answers for most frequent questions any member might have. The feature also allows contacting our customer support team with any questions, which are not yet listed in the support database.


More information for your partners

20 May 2005 by webmaster

Information about your age, education, gender and your own business helps your potential business partners and customers to better evaluate your profile and the opportunity to make business with you.

Update your existing user account to provide the new information to your potential partners and customers.


Business-Idea birthday

16 May 2005 by webmaster

Business-Idea has three-years birthday today and currently enjoys the annual growth in members exceeding 120%.


Successful BUSINESS-IDEA members

05 May 2005 by webmaster

Meet the 20 most successful members who received the most favourable feedbacks from other BUSINESS-IDEA members.
Favourable feedbacks mean that the members have been able to make business with other members.
Learn what are the most successful business ideas from the Forum.


Provide feedback and get free Credits

20 April 2005 by webmaster

Provide a short feedback about our services and claim 2 Credits free of charge. It takes about 30 seconds to answer 6 simple questions.
You can use the Credits to publish Paid or Shared Paid postings or to contact your potential business partners you meet in the Forum.
The feature will be only available during certain promotion periods.


Shared Paid Posting introduced

10 April 2005 by webmaster

Authors publishing in the Forum can now choose to publish a Shared Paid Posting. The Shared Paid Posting is a posting with contact information available for 0,5 Credit. It costs both the posting author and the person requesting the contact information 0,5 Credit. The advantage from Paid Posting is that the posting author gets only relevant contacts requests.
It is as well possible to convert an existing Free or Paid Posting to a Shared Paid Posting at the Posting Management page.
Learn more about Free, Shared Paid and Paid posting.


Odds of finding your business partner

10 March 2005 by webmaster

You can learn what are your odds of finding suitable business partner when providing 5,10,20,40 or 60 free of charge views of your contact information in your Paid Posting. The feature calculates the probabilities from the feedbacks scores provided by
the BUSINESS-IDEAs members who have contacted their potential business partners and tried to make a business with them.


Text feedback comments from members

16 February 2005 by webmaster

Feedback text comments can be now provided from all members who have contacted posting authors.
This function is complementary to member feedback scores that all members can view prior directly contacting posting authors.
The feedback text comments are available from same places as member feedback scores i.e.:

-> from “Your Postings” menu about you as a posting author
-> from contact dialog accessible from any posting page for those who wish to learn more about any posting author prior contacting him directly.


Convert to Paid Postings and send alert

07 February 2005 by webmaster

When you convert your Free Posting to the Paid Posting in Your Postings Management you can choose to send automated Email alerts to all Business-Ideas members who have tried to contact you within last two months informing them that your posting now offers your contact information free of charge.


List of users who tried to contact you

20 January 2005 by webmaster

In Existing Posting Management you can see all Business-Idea members who have tried to contact you regarding each of your postings.

The feature records all attempts from last 2 months and displays information like user name, date of contact and country of user origin.


List of materialized business ideas

11 January 2005 by webmaster

The feature allows you to view all business ideas from the Forum that materialized into a real business.

It uses reciprocal feedbacks from members who have contacted and made business with the business idea authors. The materialized business idea postings are ranked according to members reciprocal feedbacks related to each business idea posting.

The Materialized business ideas function is accessible from the Business-Idea Forum page.


Direct Search

01 January 2005 by webmaster

The feature makes possible to search postings according to posting authors and posting ID.

The Direct Search function is accessible from the Business-Idea Forum page.


Turning business idea into a business

20 December 2004 by webmaster

At testimonials you can learn how many of all business ideas from the Forum have materialized into a real business.
This feature can indicate what might be your success rate in turning your business idea into your new business while using Business-Idea services.


Leaving feadback after making contact

12 December 2004 by webmaster

After each contact and business idea evaluation, the members are allowed to rate each other by leaving feedback. Each feedback left consists of a rating
(positive, negative, or neutral), and a short comment. These ratings that members leave for each other are used to determine individual member profiles.

10 days after contacting a member you receive an Email in which you can
provide a simple feedback about the member. This member also receives a similar Email in which he/she can provide a feedback about you. The feedback affects your feedback score, which any member of Business-Idea community can see before making direct contact to you.
Learn more about feedback.


Image attachment introduced

03 November 2004 by webmaster

This feature allows attaching an image to any new posting.
Postings containing images are marked by Picture in the Posting.

All posting authors who wish to add an image to their existing posting should send Email to with following information:

1) Image attachment in jpg format, size max. 80k
2) First and last name
3) Posting ID


Free information about posting authors

28 October 2004 by webmaster

After you press the “Contact the Author” button in the Posting Text view, you get some useful information about the posting author.
1) Last logon.
2) Last visit.
3) Last posting.
4) Number of published postings.
5) Country.

This information helps you to decide whether it is worth to contact the author directly.


Paid Posting view selection

11 September 2004 by webmaster

This feature allows Business-Idea’s users to get a fast and easy access to all Paid Postings (postings containing direct contact information), and at the same time improves Paid Posting author’s chances that their postings are found and reviewed.


Contacting authors of old business ideas

03 September 2004 by webmaster

“Old Posting” function allows contacting all authors of all postings older than one year.


Well done! Over 24000 unique visits.

31 August 2004 by webmaster

The traffic on the Business-Idea web site increased 106% from last year to over 24000 unique visits per month. We currently enjoy unprecedented 3,1% sign in rate per each new visitor whereas the industry standard is 1,5%. Read more about Business-Idea statistic.


Business-Idea birthday.

01 May 2004 by webmaster

Business-Idea has two-years birthday today.


Ads relating to Business Ideas posting.

20 April 2004 by webmaster

In the posting view at the bottom you can see ads being related to the actual posting text. The ads usually appear within 2-4 days after the posting publishing date.


RSS posting monitoring channel.

10 April 2004 by webmaster

Now it is possible to use Business-Idea RSS posting channel to monitor posting activities in the Forum. This feature allows posting monitoring subscription without using Email address.
The newly introduced posting monitoring hit estimator allows you to estimate number of future postings, which will comply your monitoring profile.


New Business-Idea web layout introduced.

09 March 2004 by webmaster

The business ideas forum speed, usability and search ability was improved.
The layout and navigation throughout the site got standardised and more user friendly.


Get Business-Idea credits for free.

03 March 2004 by webmaster

We offer you free Business-Idea credits, which you can use to contact your future business partners and customers or make a sponsored ad posting in the Business-Idea Forum. The only thing we want from you is your opinion and feedback about the Business-Idea web site.
We give you 10 Business-Idea credits for your

constructive and honest feedback.


New payment method introduced.

31 October 2003 by webmaster

For users who do not have a credit card or do not want to use it for security reasons we have introduced a Bank Transfer option to pay for Business-Idea credits and posting author contacts.


Posting rating introduced.

10 October 2003 by webmaster

Now you can rate each posting you review and thus influence the posting popularity.


Search statistic introduced

14 September 2003 by webmaster

In the Business-Idea testimonials you can now see the expressions, business sectors and countries of business search statistic. This information could give you an idea about the small business trends and startups worldwide.


Posting monitoring service improved

29 July 2003 by webmaster

Now it is possible to subscribe either for all postings (this was possible before as well) or only for initial business idea posting without any responding postings.


Ad posting introduced

25 July 2003 by webmaster

In Ad posting you can mentioned direct contact information. The Ad posting is actually an advertisement posting integrated into the Business-Idea Forum. All Ad postings are formatted bold. You need to have some Business-Idea Credits in order to make the Ad posting. Go to New posting in Business-Idea Forum to make your new Ad posting.


Popular posting function added.

09 July 2003 by webmaster

New “Popular Postings” button added at the Business-Idea Forum page. The function displays the most popular Business Idea postings in descending order. The function is useful for users who wish to start new business but don’t have any business idea or can’t find any new business opportunity.


Business-Idea weblog introduced

30 June 2003 by webmaster

Business-Idea weblog allows users to comment functions and services of the Business-Idea web site.


Business-Idea Credits introduced

16 June 2003 by webmaster

Business-Idea Credits allow you to directly contact your potential customers or business partners you find in our Business-Idea Forum. The Business-Idea Credits give you more value for money.


Searching results improved

29 May 2003 by webmaster

The results are displayed in a time descending order with all threading leads. Try it right now in the Business Idea Forum by filling in the search field and hitting the “Show Posting” button.


Invalid email addresses in our database

25 May 2003 by webmaster

All subscriber accounts with invalid email addresses will be deactivated. In connection with this, the Email validity routine was introduced for all new user accounts. Please change your Email address if your user name appears on the list of deactivated user accounts.


Business-Idea's Birthday

01 May 2003 by webmaster

The Business Idea web site has one year birthday.


Encouraging the information exchange

14 April 2003 by webmaster

Encouraging the information exchange at the Business-Idea Forum. We introduced a small fee for those visitors, who instead of asking questions via the Business-Idea Forum and sharing information with others, prefer to contact the posting's authors directly.


Multilanguage features introduced

01 April 2003 by webmaster

Now you can view the Business-Idea site in 8 different languages. It is still required to make all postings in English. Click here to choose the language.


Posting popularity introduced

23 March 2003 by webmaster

Go to Business-Idea Forum to learn how each posting is popular from a small vertical bar graph Posting popuparity is 100%Posting poluparity is 100%. The posting popularity increases with the number of contacts and views and decreases with the length of time the posting is published.


Quolity link exchange introduced

01 February 2003 by webmaster

This could be a new business opportunity for you. You are welcome to suggest a link exchange with the Business Idea website.


Enhance expression search

22 January 2003 by webmaster

The expression search in the Business-Idea Forum is enhanced by a possibility to search for multiple words expression (similar to the Internet search engines). The yellow highlighted search result appears in the posting view. Click here to try it.


Better statistic introduced

01 January 2003 by webmaster

Better statistic introduced in Business-Idea's testimonials. In testimonials besides others you can find how many business idea postings are commented by others and what are the most popular business sectors in the Business Idea Forum.


Rules for contacting posting authors

19 December 2002 by webmaster

Rules modified. Now you need to make only one acceptable posting (instead of two) in order to be able to contact the authors of the postings in the Business Idea Forum.


New partnership

16 December 2002 by webmaster

New partnership established. Our partner can help you securely raise funds for your business from it's network of private and institutional registered investors.
When you make an acceptable posting in the Business Idea Forum, you receive 3 months additional posting (presentation of your business idea to potential investors) at no charge on


Search by regions improved

17 October 2002 by webmaster

This function enhances the search by regions of business. It gives you the possibility to mention name of larger business areas in the posting specification and well as during searching. The posting and search dialogs were modified as well.


Contact pricing introduced

05 October 2002 by webmaster

Now you can see how a contact to a posting's author is priced by other users of the Business Idea site by clicking on the "Contact the Author" button in the posting view.


Business-Idea tips added

09 September 2002 by webmaster

Tips how to use the BUSINESS IDEA FORUM were introduced. The tips help you to link basic rules for starting business with information you can find in the FORUM.


New rules for the 300USD reward

26 August 2002 by webmaster

Now your chance of winning also depends on number of postings you make during the month. The more postings you make the higher is your chance to win.


Provider problems

20 August 2002 by webmaster

The web server hosting the Business-Idea site is often overloaded. You might thus have some difficulties accessing the site. We try to solve the problem by moving the site to another server. We sincerely apologize for all inconveniences. Please let us know if you still experience problems to access the Business Idea site.


Award for posting authors

12 August 2002 by webmaster

To encourage participation at our Business-Idea Forum, we will award $300 to one person chosen by lot each month. The person can be anyone who made at least one acceptable posting in the forum during one month period. The award is announced always first working day observed by Business-Idea in the coming month. The winner receives from us an Email with instruction how the $300 prize will be paid. The promotion lot lasts until 19.01.03.


Graphical threading improved

20 July 2002 by webmaster

The graphical threading of the postings is improved. See the new layout in the Forum.


Posting monitoring added

25 June 2002 by webmaster

Posting monitoring subscription added. This function helps you to monitor posting activity of other people by creating your own posting monitoring profile. You receive an Email from us when a posting complying your profile appears in the Forum.


New function in the Business-Idea Forum

18 June 2002 by webmaster

Now it is possible to see in the Forum, whether any posting author has been directly contacted by another user of this site. Such a posting is marked by . The direct contact might mean that the persons involved do not
wish to share information with others anymore, thus implying that they might consider to try to start their new business.


New web site address

15 June 2002 by webmaster

The site is now available on two addresses: and

We add the address because we think that its name better reflects the site activity and orientation. The original address
will be valid till 23.04.03.


The site is launched

01 May 2002 by webmaster

The site is launched on


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